UPGRADE YOUR WARRANTY accidents happen Blackrock is well known for having the best technical support and service in the industry but plan ahead so accidental damage will never slow down your research.

Blackrock Warranty and Premium Support

Our standard Blackrock Warranty provides service and support from our team of experts, so most issues can be resolved in a single call and if your product needs repair or replacement, you have access to our convenient service options. In addition to our standard warranty, Blackrock offers two Support options to better fit your needs.


Premium Support

With our Premium Support package, on-site visits for installation, training and support issues are included. If we cannot resolve your problem quickly remotely, we will visit your lab to resolve the problem on-site.

  • Two on-site visits per year for setup, training, or support
  • 20% off Blackrock educational workshops
  • 50% discount on accidentally damaged replacement fee for CerePlex headstages


Standard Warranty
Premium Support
Workshop Discount
20% off
Phone & Email
Accidental Damage Headstage
Replacement Fee
Malfunctioning Equipment
Repair Time
Six Weeks
Six Weeks
On-site Training
and Support
System Installation Remote On-site
Always-on Private Slack Channel



No-wait Replacement

While Blackrock is known for having the quickest turnaround time for warranty repair and replacement items, we offer a No-wait Replacement option that includes immediate replacement of non-functional components for those whose research can’t afford downtime.

  • Extends your product warranty up to five years
  • Immediate replacement of any malfunctioning products
  • No wait for repairs and no need to budget to replace equipment

Fees will apply to repair products that are out-of-warranty or accidentally damaged.


To see if your products are still covered under warranty, please contact Blackrock’s Support team for more information.

Customer Support

Submit and manage tickets: HelpDesk
Email: support@blackrockmicro.com
Phone: +1 (801) 839-1062


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