State of the Art Peripheral Nerve Data.

The Utah Slant Array is the premier peripheral nerve data collection system. By varying electrode length across the array, the electrodes reach a greater number of fascicles and neurons within each nerve, allowing you to capture a broader range of unique neural signals.


Key advantages

  • 96-channel array for highly selective stimulation and recording
  • Fixed geometry is ideal for nerve mapping studies
  • Can be used under IRB or IDE guidance for research studies





Utah Slant Array Specifications

Channel count 16-96
Electrode site metal options Pt or IrOx
Reference and ground 2 reference wires
Insulation Parylene-C
Standard electrode length 0.75-1.5mm / Customizable
Standard electrode pitch 400  μm
Multiport options 1 – 4
Wire bundle material Gold
Wire bundle length Customizable
Wire bundle width Channel count dependent
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