UTAH slant array Maximizing peripheral nerve data yield.

State of the Art Peripheral Nerve Data.

The Utah Slant Array is the premier peripheral nerve data collection system. By varying electrode length across the array, the electrodes reach a greater number of fascicles and neurons within each nerve, allowing you to capture a broader range of unique neural signals.


Key advantages

  • 96-channel array for highly selective stimulation and recording
  • Fixed geometry is ideal for nerve mapping studies
  • Can be used under IRB or IDE guidance for research studies





Utah Slant Array Specifications

Channel count 16-96
Electrode site metal options Pt or IrOx
Reference and ground 2 reference wires
Insulation Parylene-C
Standard electrode length 0.75-1.5mm / Customizable
Standard electrode pitch 400  μm
Multiport options 1 – 4
Wire bundle material Gold
Wire bundle length Customizable
Wire bundle width Channel count dependent
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