SOFTWARE downloads Download the programs you need to run Blackrock Microsystems products ranging from DAQs and stimulation systems to behavioral systems and ephys analysis software.

Blackrock Microsystems product software downloads

To download Blackrock Microsystems software, simply click on the appropriate link below. If software for a particular product is not listed here, please check our software archive or contact our customer support team directly.

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Central Software and NSP Firmware

Cerebus Central Suite (v
Central enables communication with Blackrock data acquisition devices as well as neural data file saving.

Cerebus NSP Firmware (v
The firmware is installed on the Neural Signal Processor and communicates with Central.

NeuroPort (Clinical) Central Suite and Firmware (v
The clinical version of Central is under controlled distribution. Complete the form and we will send you a download link. Can’t see the form? Email us the serial number of your data acquisition system.

CerePlex Direct Software Suite (v
The CerePlex Direct Software Suite enables communication with Blackrock’s CerePlex Direct data acquisition device for viewing and recording neural signals.

MCR 7.16
MATLAB’s Compiler Runtime (MCR) is needed for the filter editor in Central. It usually comes preinstalled on the host PC, but if you are setting up a new PC, you may need to download this.

Data Loaders and Other Tools for MATLAB and Python

A variety of scripts in MATLAB for loading, viewing and managing Blackrock data files.

brPY (v 2.0.0)
Python scripts for managing Blackrock data files.

Offline Sorting Software

Blackrock Offline Spike Sorter (BOSS) Windows Installer (v 1.03.00)
Facilitates simple and intuitive neural signal data analysis even for novice users.

Blackrock Offline Spike Sorter (BOSS) Open Source (v 1.03.00) | Change Log
Facilitates simple and intuitive neural signal data analysis for advanced users.

Stimulator Software

Stim Manager (v 6.01.00) | Change Log
Software for controlling the CereStim™ 96.

CereStim API (v 5.02.00)
MATLAB and C++ API for communicating with the CereStim™ 96.

Sample Data, Mapfiles, and Scripts

cbMEX examples
A folder containing some of our most commonly used cbMEX programs that demonstrate commonly used methods when scripting with cbMEX.

cbSDK examples
A folder containing some of our most commonly used cbSDK examples that demonstrate commonly used methods when building programs with cbSDK. Also comes with a guide on setting up your environment to work with cbSDK.

CereStim API examples
A folder containing some basic CereStim API examples for both C++ and MATLAB versions of the API.

Sample Data
This recording contains 32 NSS inputs, 2 analog inputs (sinusoid, custom waveform), digital inputs, comments, and NeuroMotive tracking data. Contains NEV, NS3, NS4 and NS6 files.

Real Sample Data
This recording contains multi-unit spiking activity from a real recording. It has been cleaned up to remove channels without unit activity. This file is great for practicing spike sorting on.

Sample Data Audio File
This recording contains our neural signal simulator data in audio format so that you can play it back into saline using standard audio cables as a way of generating signal for testing electrodes.

Sample Mapfiles
A number of mapfiles to get you started on creating a custom mapfile for your own electrodes. Contains a number of default and preset mapfiles for our 32, 64, or 96 Channel Arrays.

Sample Extension code
A sample Extension with verbose comments to help learn the Cerebus NSP Extension code structure and function and serve as a base for your own custom Extensions.


NeuroMotive (v
Blackrock’s video recording and tracking software. The CodeMeter Runtime driver is required to run Neuromotive, which can be download here.

Remote Access Programs

Download TeamViewer
In order to get in touch with our support and to allow us to take control of your PC for troubleshooting you need to download TeamViewer and provide the ID and Password created by TeamViewer.

Beta Software page

This page contains information for beta software currently being offered by Blackrock. Completing the form will send a ticket to Blackrock Support indicating your interest in being a beta customer.

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