TECHNICAL support As neuroscientists helping neuroscientists, we will do whatever it takes to help keep your project moving forward so you can get to publication faster.

With you every step of the way

Technical support is included with the purchase of every Blackrock product. The Blackrock customer support team is here to help you every step of the way. As neuroscientists helping neuroscientists, nothing is more important to us than your project. Whether you are in the project conceptualization phase, fully engaged in your experiment, or analyzing the final data, we will do whatever it takes to help you keep moving forward to get to publication faster.

Customer support contacts

Submit and Manage Tickets: HelpDesk
Email: support@blackrockmicro.com
Phone: +1.801.839.1062

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For inquiries about the Blackrock supplied mapfiles included with your electrode array, including updates to mapfiles to account for new headstages or adapters, please contact Blackrock Support using the Submit and Manage tickets link above or email support@blackrockmicro.com.

Access remote support

If a Blackrock Support Engineer proposed a remote session with you, please download the following program and let the Support Engineer know the ID and Password:

Download Teamviewer here

Returning products

If you need to send any products back, please use this RMA Request Form.

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If you need to place an order using a credit card, please use this Credit Card Order Form.

Support Team

Our support team is comprised of scientists and engineers with cumulative decades of electrophysiology experience ranging from brain computer interfaces in peripheral nerves to deep brain stimulation for gait correct to scalp EEG recordings in cognitive research. Together our team has setup hundreds of new labs with new Blackrock equipment. To read more about our amazing support team, see our team bios.

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