Pneumatic inserter

The pneumatic inserter delivers consistent, efficient and reliable placement of high density electrodes into the cortex.


  • High-Speed Pneumatic insertion
  • Adjustable implantation depth
  • Minimal tissue damage
  • In-vivo or in-vitro preparations
  • Sterilizable

How to use the inserter

Implanting your electrodes correctly plays an important role for your data quality. The following overview illustrates the 4 major steps of how to use Blackrock’s pneumatic inserter for placing your electrode. For more details, please take a look at the implantation procedure or our detailed surgical training manual.

Step 1: Place subject in stereotactic device

  • Ensure head stability
  • Attach wand mount
  • Ensure wand matches electrode specifications

Step 2: Position electrode at implant site

  • Prepare surgical site
  • Ensure electrode is parallel to cortical surface

Step 3: Align inserter with electrode

  • Ensure inserter wand tip is parallel to and covers entire electrode

Step 4:  Activate Inserter

  • Wait until point of maximum insertion or briefly turn off ventilator

Step 5:  Implant electrode

  • Enable the inserter, then actuate the trigger mechanism

Application areas

The pneumatic inserter can be used in the following cases:

 Electrode length Clinical inserter  Research inserter
0.5 mm  yes
1.0 mm  yes yes
1.5 mm  yes  yes

 Instruction Manual

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