As we all navigate through this unprecedented moment in history, Blackrock is still conducting business to support you: our customers and your time-critical projects.

In addition, Blackrock is dedicating some of our engineering and manufacturing resources to COVID-related projects. As a leader in innovation technology, we have been invited to help engineer and manufacture the next generation of test kits.

However, our very first priority is the safety of our employees and their families. Please know that we were among the first in Utah to take the necessary precautions and guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization, US Center for Disease Control, and the Utah State Department of Health to protect them. Most of our team is working remotely and dedicated to providing you with the necessary sales and support to keep your research moving forward.

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Due to COVID-19, all near-term conferences on our calendar (prior to July 2020) have been cancelled or postponed.


Utah Array – Gold-Standard
The Utah Array is the electrode solution that enables neuroscience researchers to perform long-term chronic and sub-chronic cortical recordings and stimulation. Best known as the “Gold Standard” for providing industry-leading signal quality and real-time collection of large-volume neural-data recordings, the Utah Array has been cited in over a thousand studies for cortical and peripheral applications on a variety of animal and human research topics for neural recordings and stimulation.

Over the last 20 years, Blackrock has collaborated with over 500 laboratories worldwide providing standard and custom configurations of the Utah Array in a variety of animal and human experiment types, including:

  • Single-unit recording
  • Multiple-unit recording
  • Local field potentials
  • Stimulation

See how other researchers are using the Utah Array in their research. Here are a select few publications:

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A New Implant for Blind People Jacks Directly into the Brain
Researchers have successfully bypassed the eyes with the Utah Array to allow rudimentary vision. Sight is restored by feeding signals directly to the brain using a modified pair of glasses that are blacked out and fitted with a tiny camera. The underlying principles have been used in human-electronic implants in mainstream medicine for decades. The glasses are hooked up to a computer that processes a live video feed, turning it into electronic signals. A cable suspended from the ceiling links the system to a port embedded in the back of the patient’s skull that is wired to the 100-electrode Utah Array in the visual cortex in the rear of the brain.

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Did you know that bone wax is an excellent way to manage array wire bundles during surgery? You can use it to test placement and bundle routing while you secure other components of the device more permanently. For further details, feel free to reach out to us so we can demonstrate.

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