Blackrock Microsystems Showcases Wireless Brain-Interface at Society for Neuroscience Conference

SALT LAKE CITY (Nov. 13, 2015)—Today, Blackrock Microsystems LLC announced that it will feature the CerePlex W, a new digital, wireless brain-interface, at this week’s Society for Neuroscience Conference (SfN), the world’s largest gathering of brain researchers, in Washington, D.C.

“We are committed to providing neuroscientists with the most cutting-edge tools to enable research previously thought impossible,” said Florian Solzbacher, Ph.D., president of Blackrock Microsystems. “SfN attendees can experience firsthand why Blackrock leads the electrophysiology research industry.”

The wireless, 96-channel CerePlex W brain-interface is the first commercial neural headstage to detect, digitize and convey a neural signal wirelessly to a nearby receiver. This will open new inroads for researchers who wish to analyze natural behavior, such as sleep patterns.

Blackrock’s exhibit, in booth #609, will house actual experiment set-ups providing for hands-on learning and featuring its latest solutions for rodent, primate, and human research. In the rodent research segment, Blackrock will demonstrate its “plug-and-play” CerePlex Direct data acquisition system, which allows researchers to begin recording brain activity with less than 90 seconds of set-up.

Also highlighted is the CerePlex I, which brings together the gold-standard Utah Array electrode for monitoring neural activity, and the world’s only fully implantable 128-channel amplifier that provides real-time processing of human brain data.

The primate segment will feature Blackrock’s miniaturized CerePlex tools, which allow subjects to move naturally and nearly unencumbered, as well as a novel electrode positioning system from NAN Instruments. Blackrock is the exclusive distributor of NAN’s system, which allows researchers to move individual electrodes in three dimensions with sub-millimeter accuracy.

“These systems will usher in a new era of neuroscience research — unrestrained by wires or computational barriers,” said Solzbacher. “At Blackrock, we believe that the only limit to researchers’ ambitions should be their imagination. These new technologies bring us closer than ever to that ideal.”

About Blackrock Microsystems LLC

Blackrock Microsystems, based in Salt Lake City, was founded in 2008 and has become the world’s leading provider of technology in the neuroscience, neural engineering, and neural prosthetics space. The Company’s technology has been at the core of worldwide innovations in Brain Machine Interfaces, implantable bionic technologies and epilepsy diagnostics.  www.blackrockmicro.com

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