PRODUCT concepts Blackrock is constantly working on taking neuroscience research to to the next level by developing innovative tools for electrophysiology.

Product Concepts

CerePlex™ I headstage 

CerePlex™ I is a fully implantable digital headstage and amplifier that provides a platform for recording from electrode arrays with 96 electrodes in acute human recordings with a standard clinical connection.

The CerePlex I NeuroPort® Array is able to sense neural signals from the cerebral cortex and is capable of detecting single- and multi-unit activity and local field potentials. The 4 mm × 4 mm CerePlex I NeuroPort® Array consists of 96 electrodes protruding from a solid silicon substrate. Unlike a depth electrode which penetrates deep into the brain, the CerePlex I NeuroPort® Array penetrates only the outer surface of the brain (cortex). Electrodes are available in two lengths: 1.0 mm and 1.5 mm.

CerePlex™ I features & benefits

  • FDA clearance (pending)

  • CE mark (pending)

  • Minimal transcutaneous lead

CerePlex™ I specifications

Number of channels 96
Input connector Electrode is directly attached
Required Blackrock systems NeuroPort™ System
Compatible Blackrock electrodes Utah Array
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