CEREPLEX™ direct CerePlex Direct is highly cost-effective and provides unprecedented flexibility, ease-of-use and low-noise recording when used with Blackrock's innovative CerePlex digital headstages.

The simple alternative for data acquisition and recording

CerePlex™ Direct is a data acquisition system that delivers unprecedented low-noise recording in a simple, plug-and-play package. The system is designed for use with any of Blackrock’s CerePlex™ digital headstages and also is compatible with our NeuroMotive™ System for video tracking.

CerePlex™ Direct solutions

When CerePlex Direct™ is combined with CerePlex™ Digital Headstages, or the CerePlex™ A amplifier, a simple, cost-effective, flexible data acquisition solution results—for ultra-precise, low-noise signal recording. The CerePlex A amplifier enhances system flexibility and power with its compact, 256-channel preamplifier, analog-to-digital converter and backward compatibility with existing analog headstages.

CerePlex™ Digital Headstages

We offer a full range of CerePlex™ Digital Headstages to meet a wide spectrum of research needs. When used with CerePlex™ Direct, they all provide unprecedented flexibility, ease-of-use and low noise. All CerePlex™ Digital headstages also are compatible with the Blackrock Cerebus™ System.

CerePlex™ Direct features & benefits

Hardware benefits

  • 256-channel recording

  • Three HDMI digital data inputs

  • Three analog inputs

  • Direct USB connection to host PC

Software benefits

  • Compatible with Cerebus™ System Central software

  • User-friendly operation

Electrode Drive Primate Setup from Blackrock Microsystems

Electrode Drive Primate Setup

CerePlex™ Direct setups

Primate electrode drive
Plug-and-play rodent

Compatible products

CerePlex™ Direct specifications

Neural signal inputs Up to 256 channels
Neural signal input sample rate Up to 30k samples/second
Analog input sample rate Up to 30k samples/second
Analog to digital conversion 16-Bit 0.25 μV, per bit resolution
Common mode ratio Rejection Ratio > 110 dB at 50/60 Hz
Input referred noise < 3.0 µVrms
Maximum input voltage range ± 8 mV between any input and ground
Digital inputs Up to 16 digital inputs 0-5V TTL logic levels
Input frequency range 0.01 Hz – 10 kHz


Minimum PC requirements (not included)

  • 2.2 GHz Quad core processor

  • 8 GB RAM

  • 500 GB Sata 3 hard drive for data recording

  • Windows® 7

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