SURGICAL training Surgical implantation of high-channel-count microelectrodes can be very challenging, so we strongly encourage existing and new customers to take advantage of our surgical training workshop.

Hands-on surgical training workshops in North America and Europe

The Blackrock surgical training course is intended for practical, hands-on, chronic implantation of a 96-channel Utah Array into the cerebral cortex. It does not intend to teach general surgical skills, techniques or principles, but rather expects those attending to have these skills already either by having:

  1. Performed neurosurgical procedures before, or;
  2. Worked under the supervision of someone with neurosurgical experience.

Previous experience observing or performing implantation of a Blackrock Microsystems array is advantageous but not required. The training will provide you with the necessary skills and information to perform the procedure, and to guide you when planning and performing an implantation.

Microelectrode implantation can be challenging

Surgical implantation and recording of high-channel count microelectrodes can be very challenging—even for experienced teams of surgeons, physiologists and engineers. In order to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction and minimum failure rate in your experiments, we strongly encourage both existing and new customers to take advantage of our surgical training.

We have many years of experience implanting and recording from microelectrodes and have discovered specific techniques that ensure good results. In chronic experiments our electrodes have provided reliable recordings for one-to-two years and some animals have even produced recordings for over five years.

Blackrock surgical training locations

Blackrock offers hands-on surgical training workshops in North America (London, Canada) and Europe (Marseille, France). Participants attend lectures covering the basic surgical procedure before performing an actual, hands-on microelectrode array implantation–all led by an experienced surgeon. Each eight-hour workshop is tailored to the experience and focus of participants and their experimental designs. If you have questions about how our surgical assistance program can help you, please contact us.

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Surgical training learning objectivesScientists learn to implant ephys electrodes at Blackrock Microsystems' Surgical Training

  • Introduce you to the design of the Utah Array
  • Review basic neuroanatomy
  • Describe in detail the implantation procedure
  • Aid in planning the surgical procedure
  • Guide you through an actual implantation, providing constructive feedback and useful tips along the way
  • Provide pre-, post- and intra-operative checklists


Instruction Manual


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