ANALOG headstages Blackrock offers analog headstages for recording distortion-free spikes and field potentials from high-impedance micro electrodes. Models are available for use in small and large animals as well as in humans.

Analog headstages for humans and animalsThree examples of Blackrock Microsystems analog headstages

Analog headstages for animals

Blackrock analog headstages provide an isolated low-impedance output that guarantees signal integrity and minimizes noise pickup by cables up to three meters. These factors ensure maximum common-mode noise rejection by the Cerebus™ System front-end amplifier. Configurations are available for attaching to freely moving or restrained animals as well as slice or cell-culture preparations.

MRI Compatible headstage

The MRI Compatible Headstage is a lightweight, 16-channel, single-unit, analog recording headstage for small animals that fits in the bore with the animal. Find out more.

Analog headstage for humans

Our analog headstages for humans are designed to interface with common clinical electrodes. We also provide the Blackrock Patient Cable, which is designed to connect to the Pedestal connector of the Blackrock CerePort™ and NeuroPort™ Utah Electrode Arrays. This advanced headstage was specifically engineered to acquire and transfer low-noise neural signals from the Utah array to the Blackrock front-end amplifier.

Analog headstage features & benefits

  • Extremely high input impedance

  • Unity-gain voltage follower

  • Eliminate signal distortion

  • Buffered reference channels

  • 16, 32, 64 and 96 channel configurations

  • Available with a variety of connectors such as Omnetics, Samtec, Milmax, Touchproof and others

Analog headstage specifications

Power supply ± 1 V to ±6 V, < 3 mA
Input coupling AC/DC options
Input impedance 10 GΩ || 3 pF
Cable wrap option Kevlar
Noise (input grounded) < 2.1 μV RMS
Gain 1x
Output impedance < 100 Ω
Impedance measurement > 50 kΩ (Patient Cable only)

Instruction Manuals

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