VIRTUAL REALITY jetball The innovative VR JetBall enables a restrained animal to perform simple or complex voluntary behaviors while being simultaneously instrumented with electrophysiology, optogenetic or imaging systems.

For the ultimate control of animal behavior research

A highly advanced, virtual-reality experimental system, the Virtual Reality (VR) JetBall is based on an air-cushioned spherical treadmill that enables a restrained animal to navigate in virtual space. The VR JetBall provides a highly controllable experimental environment for investigating navigation, cognition, learning and memory. It enables an animal to perform simple or complex behaviors while instrumented with electrophysiology, optogenetic or imaging systems.

Virtual Reality JetBall features & benefits

  • Easy construction of virtual mazes via software that can replicate most classical mazes

  • Placing of landmarks of various sizes and shapes that appear or disappear at predefined times

  • Combination of virtual reality with acoustic, olfactory and tactile stimuli

  • Export of time stamp, position and speed via an external interface for synchronization with other data types

  • Appropriate for all kinds of ephys setups and most multi-photon microscopes

  • Easy interfacing with electrophysiology setups

  • Retractable operant device for reinforcement: positive (water) and negative (air puff)

  • Common mazes or customized virtual reality scenes

  • Operant conditioning protocols

Virtual Reality JetBall configurations

System hardware

The virtual reality is either displayed on a TFT surround monitor (Version A) or via a spherical mirror projection on the inner surface of a dome (Version B). The JetBall system includes a Ball Holder made of one solid block of aluminum. A polystyrene ball with a defined diameter floats on an air cushion at the bottom of the ball holder when compressed air is available.

Three versions of the Ball Holder are available. Model M with a 20 cm ball is suitable for mice. Model L with a 30 cm ball is suitable for young rats.

System software

The basic package includes software to control each hardware component via a graphical interface as well as to construct your own mazes in terms of size, landmarks, colors and textures. The software also enables you to program experimental schedules with the help of flowcharts and state diagrams.

VR JetBall compatible products

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