Sophisticated video capture and multi-object tracking

NeuroMotive is a sophisticated tracking system for capturing video, tracking coordinates and user-inserted events such as seizure onset, task completion, drug delivery and object recognition during experiments with behaving subjects. Camera options support video capture and multi-object tracking in light or dark environments with frame rates up to 100 Hz.

When combined with our Cerebus™ or CerePlex Direct™ data acquisition systems, NeuroMotive enables researchers to simultaneously monitor behavior and neurophysiology. The two synchronized data streams are available in real time for visualization, analysis and closed-loop applications. Advanced DVD-like playback features facilitate comprehensive video-based review of event records to ensure information is accurate before exporting neural data for event-related analyses.

NeuroMotive features & benefits

  • Color and infrared digital video
  • Multi-marker tracking in light or dark environments
  • Trigger outputs based on animal location
  • Synchronized neural recordings
  • Input of annotations and user-defined events
  • DVD-like playback

NeuroMotive compatible products

NeuroMotive specifications

Resolution 752×480 at 60 FPS; 320×240 at 112 FPS
Frame rate 60 FPS; 112 FPS
Lens mount CS-Mount (5mm C-mount adapter included); M12 microlense mount
Video file formats AVI, MJPEG
Lighting Visible and infrared
Tracking distance Minimum: 2 ft. (0.6 m); Maximum: 20 ft. (6.1 m)
API type C/C++ DLL

Instruction Manual

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