EPHYS adapters To meet a wide variety of research needs, Blackrock provides off-the-shelf and custom adapters for electrodes, headstages and third-party control systems.

Electrode, headstage and control-system adapters

Blackrock Microsystems designs and manufactures numerous active and passive clinical adapters for interfacing with low- or high-impedance single probes or multi-site electrodes.

Electrode adaptersThree types of Blackrock ephys adapters

Nearly any electrode can be used with your Blackrock system. Depending on your research needs, Blackrock supplies off-the-shelf or custom adapters compatible with electrodes from many manufacturers including:

  • Metal microelectrodes (FHC)

  • Silicon probes (NeuroNexus)

  • ECoG grids (Ad-Tech, PMT)

  • Microwire arrays (MicroProbes for Life Science)

  • EEG and EMG electrodes (Grass Technologies)

Control-system adapters

A Blackrock system can serve as your experimental control center. By connecting third-party systems to a Blackrock data acquisition system, behavioral events can be easily synchronized with neural recording. At the same time, the DAQ can be used to trigger stimuli based on incoming data or user-created software. Blackrock provides adapters for many third-party control systems such as Lafayette, REX, Coulbourn and others.

Instruction Manuals

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