NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH products Leading neuroscience researchers characterize Blackrock products and setups as the most user-friendly in the industry, while offering high-quality, reliable data and simple, intuitive operation.

Blackrock Microsystems products

At the end of the day, Blackrock solutions provide the high-quality, reliable data that drives pioneering neuroscience research. The accuracy, precision, repeatability and overall dependability of these data are no accident.

Blackrock develops setups and rigs precisely tailored to your project needs. These whole-system solutions are fully integrated, not composed of pieces and parts you have to assemble yourself, wasting valuable time. This explains why customers characterize our setups as the most user-friendly in the industry, offering a simple, intuitive, plug-and-play experience.

Reliable and safe by design

It is important to note that Blackrock has the largest portfolio of FDA-cleared and CE-marked products for neurophysiology in the world. The design restrictions to achieve these certifications have resulted in products that are better documented, more reliable and safer than their competitive counterparts. In meeting such rigors, our engineering and R&D teams have consistently helped neuroscience researchers raise the bar through such innovations as wireless 
technologies, micro-miniaturization, ultra-high channel densities and designs that maximize subject mobility and comfort.

Major product categories

Blackrock products are used for neuroscience research projects pertaining to humans, primates, rodents and other animal subjects. Setups needed for these applications comprise products from the following categories.

Key Blackrock product benefits

  • Highly integrated and flexible

  • Easy to setup and use

  • Form comprehensive solution sets

  • Comprise setups for specific research needs

  • Miniaturized and streamlined

  • Low noise, high signal quality

  • Based on CE-marked and FDA-cleared designs

  • Well-documented safety, reliability and performance

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