MICROFLEX array Depth recording with minimal invasiveness and superior electrode lifetime.

Discover the first multisite flexible depth electrode array for recording and stimulation.

Blackrock proudly presents the MicroFlex Array — a flexible, polyimide-based multi-electrode array for acute and chronic preparations. The array is optimized for isolated single unit, multi-unit, and local field potential recordings.

Key Advantages

  • Proven technology for single unit, multi-unit, and LFP recording and stimulation
  • Patent-pending insertion mechanism
  • First commercially available flexible depth electrodes
  • Flexible electrodes mitigate tissue damage
  • Can be placed in any depth (including hippocampus)
  • Suitable for large and small animals

The Insertion Process

The implantation process is gentle for the neural tissue in comparison to other invasive electrodes. The MicroFlex Array’s size and flexibility allow for a minimally invasive implantation and an enhanced lifetime. The array can be implanted through the dura mater with the help of an inserter needle, avoiding the necessity to make large craniotomies, or open the dura during implantation.

The animation below shows how the MicroFlex Array can be implanted with the help of the inserter needle and the tungsten loading wire.


MicroFlex Array Specifications

The MicroFlex Array is compatible with the following connectors:

  • Standard Cereport pedestal, with Female Molex connectors
  • 1024 ch LGA with standard-sized pedestal
  • Omnetics connectors (standard or Ni-free for MRI applications)
Channel count 12/16/24 electrodes, customizable
Electrode diameter 15-100 μm
Electrode spacing 10-500 μm
Electrode matrerial Pt, lrOx


Instruction Manual (Coming Soon)

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