MRI COMPATIBLE electrophysiology Introducing MagRes, our MRI Compatible Headstage. MagRes is the world's smallest, lightest, and first MRI-compatible headstage that fits in the MRI bore with the animal.

MagRes – Small, light and MRI Compatible

Blackrock’s new MagRes, MRI Compatible Headstage, is a lightweight, 16-channel, single-unit, analog recording headstage for small animals that fits in the bore with the animal. It buffers and then transmits neural signals through a coaxial ribbon cable to a CerePlex A or Front-end Amplifier (FEA). The data is then acquired by either a CerePlex Direct or a Neural Signal Processor (NSP). The headstage will allow small animal researchers to directly correlate neural activity with hemodynamic changes detected on MRI for awake and responsive subjects.


Features & Benefits


  • MRI Compatible
  • Fits in the MRI bore with animal
  • Only head stage to record single units
  • Superior signal quality
  • Shielded ribbon cable – excellent noise immunity

Application Areas

  • Rodents
  • Cats
  • Primates


MRI Spike Data while in an MRI Bore


This example setup shows the MagRes analog headstage (2) connecting one 16-ch array with one Omnetics 24-pin female connector (1) to a CerePlex Direct data acquisition system (4).


Number of Channels 16
Input Connector Omnetics 24-pin female
Required Blackrock systems Cerebus System or CerePlex Direct
Compatible Electrodes Utah Array or any electrodes with Omnetics 24-pin female connector
Dimension 10mm x 20mm x 2.3mm
Weight 0.5g
Gain 1x



Instruction Manual

MagRes MRI-compartible 16-channel Headstage Instruction for Use Manual
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