Your research goal is our priority.

From selecting the right electrode to data collection, Blackrock is committed to ensuring your research goals are met. Blackrock offers support on everything from choosing the right equipment to proper implantation techniques. In addition to extensive documentation, our support team and training workshops help to ensure a successful experiment.

Getting started: How to find the right equipment for your research project

In order to achieve optimal research results, we recommend the following steps for finding the right equipment for your study.

1. Define study goals

Define what kind of data is most important for the study: Implant duration, sensitivity and location of implant can all help in choosing the right equipment.

2. Browse our website

Information about our product line can be found here and on our various other pages about electrophysiology research systems. Start building your very own system!

3. Discuss your plans with a Blackrock consultant

Users are encouraged to reach out to learn more about our products and get help in choosing the product best suited to your needs. Let’s begin discussing your research.

4. Order a sample kit

Sample kits allow users to gain experience with sizing and implantation procedures before fully investing in a complete system.


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