ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY electrodes Blackrock offers high quality electrodes designed for electrophysiology research. Choose from a variety of common, off-the-shelf designs or have your electrode tailor-made to exactly fit your experiment.

The gold-standard for stable recording and stimulation

When neuroscience researchers are looking for an electrode solution that will enable them to perform long-term chronic cortical recording and stimulation, they will most likely end up choosing the Utah Array.

The Utah Array was developed in the 1990s and has been the industry standard ever since. The Utah Array provides industry-leading signal quality and is the optimal choice for large data volume neural recordings. It has been used in numerous studies on topics varying from cortical applications as well as peripheral applications. Among the most prominent publications are Collinger’s 2013 research in The Lancet, Hochberg’s 2012 piece in Nature, as well as Normann’s 2007 work in Nature Clinical Practice Neurology—to name a few. For more details, check here.

Today, the Utah Array is at the center of neuroscience research around the world. In the last 20 years, Blackrock has provided around 500 labs with various Utah Arrays.

Our customers make use of the Utah Array in a variety of experiment types:

  • Single-unit recording
  • Stimulation
  • Multiple-unit recording
  • Local field potential

The Utah Array’s fixed geometry has advantages such as:

  • Standardized fabrication process
  • Repeatability in the electrodes’ mechanical and electrical performance

Explore the various electrode types and customization options here.

Longevity and reliability: Core competencies of the Utah Array

The Utah Array is the benchmark for neural recording in terms of longevity, reliability and data quality. It is truly amazing what achievements our customers have obtained in their research with the Utah Array.

The longest recordings from an implanted Utah Array in a non-human primate range from 6 years (BrainGate group) to 9 years (Nicho Hatsopoulos from the University of Chicago). Read more about Nicho’s work with the Utah Array.

The Utah Array has been specifically designed for chronic applications. The biggest obstacle for implant longevity is the foreign body response produced by the host tissue. Blackrock is continuously working on improving materials and depositions methods in order to improve reliability of chronic implants. Learn more about encapsulation materials here.

The world’s only FDA cleared chronic electrode array

The NeuroPort Array (aka Utah Array) is the only penetrating microelectrode array in the world that is FDA cleared. Safety for the patients and reliable data yield for the researchers are central.

Cindy Chestek (the University of Michigan) relies on Blackrock’s electrodes because of their quality control standard, which is high enough for use in human implants. With research subjects such as primates or humans, products must work and last an absolute minimum of 6 months to a year. Blackrock’s electrodes “are one of the best products … for chronic neural recording,” states Cindy. Read more about Cindy’s work with the NeuroPort Array.

According to FDA regulations, the NeuroPort Array can be implanted in the human brain for a maximum of 30 days. However, in many cases arrays can be implanted longer. Blackrock supports researchers with ethics/IRB approval processes and investigational device exemptions. Our strict regulatory standards and unparalleled support allows researchers to rely on experiences from various experiments.

The NeuroPort Array has been a part of many groundbreaking clinical studies. Examples of NeuroPort Array users in the clinical space include:

Reducing the hurdles to successful implantation

The Utah Array is the only electrode array that comes with a system-level solution, unmatched surgical training and technical support that ensures successful application of the devices for beginning and experienced researchers.

Especially for beginning researchers, the question of how to implant an electrode for neural recording can be tough. The correct implantation is crucial for the data quality recorded with the Utah Array. In order to support researchers with very practical issues, Blackrock offers the following resources:

And of course, we are always there to discuss your experiment requirements or answer your questions.

At the forefront of innovation

The Utah Array is the industry standard for more than two decades. Despite its long history, the Utah Array remains at the forefront of innovation. Blackrock currently offers the following standard variations:

If your experiment design requires a custom electrode solution, get in touch with us directly.

Array information for advanced users

Are you an advanced user? Find out more details about:


Blackrock electrode design principles

All our electrode designs are characterized by similar core principles. They set the industry standards for miniaturization, ultra-low-noise operation and optimum signal integrity. All Blackrock electrode products also are highly customizable with respect to channel count, density, dimensions and unique geometries.

In the final analysis, you will find that Blackrock either offers an optimum off-the-shelf electrode design for your experiment or can quickly and proficiently design and build precisely what you need—whether for use in humans, primates, rodents or other animals.



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