CEREPLEX W wireless headstage Bringing freedom to electrophysiology.

Wireless neural recording, electrophysiology free at last

CerePlex W wireless headstage for neural recording

CerePlex W

CerePlex W is the first step towards making one of mankind’s dreams come true: enabling the paralyzed to walk and the blind to see – outside of a hospital environment. If you share this dream, become part of the community working on making it happen. We are all in.

The CerePlex W is a lightweight, wireless digital headstage that provides a platform for freely behaving large animal models. It offers unprecedented quantities of neural data via wireless transmission, enabling many novel research paradigms.



 CerePlex™ W features & benefits

CerePlex W neural recording headstage with antenna and receiver

CerePlex W with antenna and receiver

  • Very small size
  • Light weight
  • Long battery life
  • Freely moving recording with multiple animals
  • Full bandwidth 30 kS/s sampling
  • 96 channels
  • All digital recording and transmission



Wireless setup

Wireless Primate Setup

Primate wireless





CerePlex W specifications

Number of channels 96
Input connector CerePort™ Pedestal
Required Blackrock systems Cerebus™ System
Compatible electrodes Utah Array



Recommended addition: BritzCo Stealth Cage




Instruction Manual



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