CEREPLEX M headstage Highly integrated flexibility.

Low noise from start to finish

CerePlex M digital headstage

CerePlex M

The CerePlex M is a small, lightweight digital headstage. It provides an extremely low-noise, 7-wire, all-digital link from up to 128 neural microelectrodes to the Cerebus data acquisition system. The onboard digitization circuitry of the CerePlex M eliminates artifacts due to headstage cable motion and environmental noise pick¬up. Its multiplexed output allows the researcher to use a single lightweight cable instead of multiple bulky cables. It also eliminates the need for an expensive motorized commutator when recording from freely behaving small animals such as rats, mice and birds.

CerePlex M features & benefits

  • Onboard digitization
  • Multiplexed, 7-wire output for 32, 64, 96 or 128 electrodes
  • Miniature and lightweight
  • Eliminates artifacts from cable motion and environmental noise
  • Spike and field-potential recording

CerePlex M applications

  • Freely behaving small animals
  • Head-free, non-human primates

CerePlex M specifications

Channel count 32 64 96 128
Dimensions 28 mm x 19 mm
x 5 mm
28 mm x 24 mm
x 7 mm
28 mm x 29 mm
x 9 mm
28 mm x 34 mm
x 11 mm
Weight 2.44 grams 4.2 grams 5.0 grams  5.86 grams
Noise (input grounded) 3 μV RMS
Input impedance > 10 GΩ || 3 pF
Sampling 30 kHz at 16 bits
Input coupling AC
Bandwidth 0.3 Hz – 7.5 kHz
Output cable 7 wires (36 AWG)
Power supply ± 2.5V to ± 5V DC
Resolution 0.25 μV
Input connector Dual-row, 36-pin, female,
0.025” pitch Omnetics
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