Light, Lighter, Exilis.

CerePlex Exilis is Blackrock’s next step into a wireless future. We strongly believe that all neuroscience research plays an equally important role in improving the lives of patients around the world. Small animal research needs special equipment in terms of size and weight. CerePlex Exilis fills the gap and enables rodent researchers to cut the wires.

The CerePlex Exilis is a lightweight, wireless digital headstage that provides a platform for freely behaving small animal models. It offers unprecedented quantities of neural data via wireless transmission while keeping an ultra low weight and size, enabling many novel research paradigms.


CerePlex Exilis features & benefits


  • Very small size
  • Light weight
  • Long battery life
  • Freely moving recording with multiple animals
  • Full bandwidth 30 kS/s sampling
  • Up to 96 channels
  • All digital recording and transmission

Application areas

  • Marmosets
  • Rats
  • Freely behaving small animals


CerePlex Exilis setup

This example setup shows the CerePlex Exilis digital wireless headstage (b) connecting up to 96-ch array with 3 Omnetics connectors (a) to a CerePlex Direct data acquisition system (e). The signals are transmitted via the antenna (c) and wireless receiver (d) that complement the CerePlex Exilis.

CerePlex Exilis specifications

Number of channelsUp to 96
Input connectorOmnetics 36-pin female
Required Blackrock systemsCerebus System
Compatible electrodesUtah Array or any electrodes with Omnetics 36-pin female connector
Dimension25mm x 23mm x 14mm   (w/o Omnetics connector)
Battery life2.5hrs
Weight9.87g with battery
Operating range1m x 1m x 1m



Instruction Manual



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