CEREPLEX E headstage Highly integrated flexibility for neural recording.

Highly integrated flexibility for neural recording

CerePlex™ E is the next-generation noise-free link between the Utah Array™ and the Cerebus™ or CerePlex™ Direct data acquisition systems. Smaller and more powerful than ever, this headstage supports high-fidelity transmission and recording of extracellular spikes and local field potentials from up to 128 microelectrodes.

CerePlex E digitizes analog neural signals directly at the recording site, dramatically reducing noise during signal transmission. An on-board multiplexer minimizes wire count, enabling a lighter, smaller and more streamlined connection to the data acquisition system.

An integrated impedance measurement function facilitates in-vivo interrogation of individual electrodes. CerePlex E’s built-in amplifier utilizes ultra-wideband filters for greater stability to record even the slowest neural oscillations down to 0.05 Hz.

These advanced features all are packed into this thumb-sized device that is compatible with the CerePort™ array, which is suited for implantation in non-human primates, felines and rats (with alternative connector).

CerePlex™ E features & benefits

  • Onboard digitizing amplifier
  • 7-wire output for 128 electrodes
  • Miniature and lightweight
  • Eliminates artifacts from cable motion and environmental noise
  • Ultra-wideband recording

CerePlex™ E specifications

Number of channels 128
Resolution 16-bit, 250 nV
Sampling frequency 30 kHz
Mode of operation Continuous
Input frequency range 0.3 Hz – 7.5 kHz / 0.05 Hz – 10 kHz (user selectable)
Input impedance 1300 MΩ @ 10 Hz, 13MΩ @ 1 kHz
Maximum input range ± 8 mV with respect to reference
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