CEREPLEX A headstage Endless flexibility with neural recording.

Endless flexibility with neural recording

CerePlex A is a high-channel, low-noise, quasi-DC amplifier designed for simplicity, flexibility and miniaturization. It is Blackrock Microsystems’ next-generation, digitizing amplifier for interfacing neural electrodes directly (macroelectrodes), or via analog headstages (microelectrodes), to any Blackrock data acquisition system.

The amplifier features flexible, analog-reference electrode selection for optimal removal of environmental noise and artifacts prior to analog-to-digital conversion. Quasi-DC operation enables recording of distortion-free signals down to near DC. The integrated, electrode-impedance measurement facilitates interrogation of Blackrock Microsystems or third-party electrodes.

For experiment designs that include electrical neural stimulation, CerePlex A’s fast-settle circuit ensures high-quality neural recordings immediately after stimulation.

CerePlex A features & benefits

  • Up to 128 channel neural inputs
  • Quasi-DC recording
  • Ideal for experiments designed for neural stimulation
  • Direct interface with any neural electrode

CerePlex A compatible products

CerePlex A specifications

Neural signal inputs 128
Input connectors (bank A-D) QSE, dual row, 40 pins, male
Input connectors (GND, X REF) 1.5mm touch proof, male
Input range ± 8 mV
A – D conversion 30 kHz, 16 bits (0.25 μV/bit resolution)
Input-referred noise 3 μVrms
Filter characteristics 1st order Butterworth (high pass);
3rd order Butterworth (low pass)
Input frequency range 0.3 Hz – 7.5 Hz / 0.02 Hz – 10 kHz (user selectable)
Output connector HDMI-A, female
Electrode-impedance measurement 2 MΩ >Z> 10 kΩ @ 1kHz (with supplied cable)
Fast-settle circuit BNC TTL input
Dimensions 6.0 cm x 12.0 cm x 1.5 cm

Instruction Manuals

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