CEREPLEX µ ultra light headstage HD neural recording at 1 gram.

Motion sensing, at 1 gram

CerePlex µ

The CerePlex µ is a very small and lightweight digital headstage that provides a platform for simple stimulation and tracking in freely moving rodents. It provides an interface between the Cerebus™ or CerePlex™ Direct recording systems and up to 32 microelectrodes for high-fidelity transmission and recording of extracellular spikes and local field potentials from the brain. In addition to neural recording, it features an onboard accelerometer and gyrometer as new tools for monitoring animal behavior.

Match neural recordings to movement using onboard 6-axis motion sensor band and don’t be fooled by artifacts. The CerePlex µ enables the detection of a variety of subtle movements and behaviors, with high temporal precision, such as:

  • Freezing and anxiety
  • Grooming
  • Rearing
  • Movement initiation/termination within operant tasks
  • Circadian rhythms
  • Disease states (turning, shaking, etc.)

 CerePlex µ features & benefits

  • Small size
  • Light weight
  • IR LED for tracking
  • 3D accelerometer and gyroscope
  • on-board impedance testing



Freely moving opto/electric setup

A complete Freely-moving Opto/Electric Setup from Blackrock Microsystems

Freely moving Opto/Electric Setup

Freely moving opto/electric setup




CerePlex µ specifications

Number of channels 16 or 32
Dimensions 13.2 mm x 18.2 mm x 3 mm
Weight 1 gram
Input connector Omnetics (custom versions coming soon)
Blackrock system Digital data acquisition device (Cerebus or CerePlex Direct)
Compatible array Omnetics Utah Array
Power requirements +5/-3 VDC
Sampling frequency 30 kS/s
Mode of operation Continuous
Input frequency range 0.3 Hz – 7.5 kHz
Input impedance 1300 MΩ @ 10 Hz, 13 MΩ @ 1 kHz
Maximum input range ± 8 mV with respect to reference
Resolution 16-bit ADC, 244 nV/bit


Instruction Manual

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