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Clean Room Manager

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah

To apply, send your CV and cover letter to jobs@blackrockmicro.com.

Blackrock aims to provide Best of Class approved neurosciences tools to the research community to push the boundaries of human applications. Blackrock already delivers some of the most critical components of leading BCI set-ups. We spend everyday building technology that will benefit patients suffering from paralysis disorders, neurological diseases (ALS, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s), and neural dysfunctions (epilepsy, brain trauma).

Job Purpose:

    • Operates, repairs, overhauls, services, and maintains equipment in all areas of the health care physical environment.
    • Performs regularly scheduled preventive maintenance work on equipment based on manufacturers recommendations or required by code.
    • May assist in designing and implementing mechanical or electrical alterations to new and existing equipment in order to improve efficiency, performance, and extend the life of equipment.
    • May assist in ensuring that all equipment and maintenance standards meet all regulatory compliance requirements mandated by local, state and federal agencies.
    • Maintains clean equipment rooms and other areas to include filter change out.
    • Maintains equipment performance and repair records.
    • Completes required after hours on-call rotation.

Education Level:

    • Requires BS or MS in Electrical/Mechanical Engineering or equivalent

Experience Required:

    • Minimum 1 year hands-on maintenance and repair with clean room equipment.

Skills and Abilities Required:

    • Physical Requirements: Carrying, Climbing, Color Determination, Crawling, Far Vision, Lifting, Listening, Manual Dexterity, Near Vision, Pulling and/or Pushing, Reaching, Sitting, Speaking, Standing, Stooping and Crouching, Tasting or Smelling, Walking
    • Must be proficient with electronic testing equipment.
    • Must be thorough and detail oriented.
    • Must have excellent reading, writing and communication skills in the English language.
    • Must have excellent editing skills.
    • Must be able to work independently with little supervision.
    • Must have excellent problem solving skills.
    • Must be able to handle stressful situations.
    • Must have excellent people skills.

Job Output:

    1. Maintaining clean room equipment
    2. Running IQ OQ PQ
    3. Write technical reports and specifications for clean room equipment 4. Test function and performance for clean room equipment
    5. Perform other assignments as required by the Management COVID-19 precautions

The above information on this job description is designed to present the most essential job duties and responsibilities necessary to achieve the job’s end results. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all duties, responsibilities, and qualifications.

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