ABOUT BLACKROCK microsystems Blackrock Microsystems is a privately held company that provides enabling tools for the neuroscience, neural engineering and neuroprosthetics research and clinical communities worldwide.

Empowering Neuroscience Research Worldwide

At Blackrock Microsystems, we believe it takes exceptional people as much as cutting-edge technology to ultimately empower ephys. This is because both are essential to advancing the field of neuroscience—and to supporting renowned neuroscience researchers and aspiring neuroscience post-docs worldwide.

Empowering ephys the Blackrock way

The Blackrock team backs up your project from start to finish so you ultimately can publish faster. All our solutions provide high-quality, reliable data because they are precisely tailored to your project needs and fully integrated.

Blackrock systems also are known for their user-friendliness and simple, intuitive, plug-and-play experience, also known as the Blackrock way. Such ease of use and reliability have come about in part because we offer the largest portfolio of FDA and CE approved products, which are 
by definition more documented, proven, reliable and safe.

Blackrock mission, vision and values

Our vision is to lead the market in implantable microsystems by fulfilling the immediate and future needs of the worldwide neuroscience research community. These opportunities spur major technical breakthroughs in chronically implantable microsystems, positioning us at the forefront of exciting clinical solutions for next generation pharma development, healthcare and personalized medicine.

Blackrock business and operations are grounded in the firm belief that the best technologies are those that answer the unmet needs of customers and are successfully commercialized. If you have a technology or application know-how that could contribute to our portfolio or wish to know more, please contact us.

Company history in brief

Blackrock Microsystems derives from a legacy of high-tech innovation that began with Bionic Technologies, a spin-off from the University of Utah in 1997. The company started by Brian Hatt and Prof. Richard A. Normann (inventor of the Utah Electrode Array), was later taken over by Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems, Inc. (CKI). After achieving major strides in applying neuroscience research technology to the human body, Blackrock Microsystems LLC of Salt Lake City, Utah acquired CKI’s research business in May 2008.

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