OUR COMMITMENT TO YOU during covid-19 As we all navigate through this unprecedented moment in history, Blackrock is still conducting business to support you: our customers and your time-critical projects. NORTH AMERICAN hands-on workshop Join Blackrock Microsystems for our renowned North American Hands-on Training Electrophysiology Workshop. We will discuss our systems, software and electrodes to help you better optimize your electrophysiology setup for your research. CUSTOMER STORIES Robert Hampson
“When we switched over to human research, I knew that there were a couple of needs that were not going to be fulfilled by pretty much anyone other than Blackrock.”

Read our latest customer story by Robert Hampson of Wake Forest School of Medicine and learn why he and other highly-respected researchers are working with Blackrock equipment.
MRI COMPATIBLE electrophysiology Introducing MagRes, our MRI Compatible Headstage. MagRes is the world's smallest, lightest, and first MRI-compatible headstage that fits in the MRI bore with the animal. CerePlex Exilis Headstage digital & wireless CerePlex Exilis provides a platform for freely behaving animal models offering an unprecedented quality of neural data via a digital wireless transmission. EMPOWERING ephys Blackrock Microsystems supports your neuroscience research project from conceptualization all the way through to data analysis and interpretation, helping you make a tangible difference in the lives of real people facing real neurophysiologic challenges.

Empowering neuroscience with innovative products

Discover how our latest products contribute to pushing the boundaries of neuroscience. CerePlex Mu is redefining rodent research. Our wireless headstage CerePlex W has already been part of a scientific breakthrough. Find out about all our products here.

Achieving excellence in neuroscience

Our focus at Blackrock Microsystems is helping researchers achieve excellence in neuroscience, neural engineering and neural prosthetics. It is easier to say than it is to do. To fully realize these aims requires two things that are rare and difficult to replicate. First, technical support for a given project must be available from well before it begins to long after it concludes. Second, whole system performance and data reliability are critical, whether for an out-of-the-box solution or fully customized system, which means any setup is only as good as its weakest link.

We’re with you every step of the way

Above all, you can count on the Blackrock Microsystems team to support your project from conceptualization all the way through to data analysis and interpretation. The bottom line is, we are here to help you publish faster by ensuring that you gather accurate data. This starts with precisely designing your system for your project needs, as well as for intuitive, plug-and-play operation. Blackrock achieves both objectives because our systems are fully integrated, not comprised of mix-and-match components strapped together.

Data you can depend on

Blackrock Microsystems solutions are based on robust, proven technology that delivers the highest-quality, reliable data. We have developed the largest portfolio of FDA and CE cleared systems for human use in the world, which means they have been extensively documented and proven to be highly reliable and safe. This degree of design integrity extends to all our products, whether for:

The road to ephys excellence

Our R&D efforts consistently raise the bar on data quality through such innovations as wireless 
technologies, miniaturization, ultra-high channel densities and low-noise performance.

Every day the road to excellence in neuroscience is changing. However, the destination remains the same—to make a tangible difference in the lives of real patients facing real neurophysiologic challenges. By empowering ephys, Blackrock Microsystems stands ready to help researchers reach that destination simpler and faster.

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