Customizable, multi-channel, high-density, microelectrode arrays for extracellular neural recording (spikes, field potentials) and stimulation applications.

Utah Array

Utah Array

The Utah array has become a benchmark for multi-channel, high-density neural recordings and stimulation applications from large populations of neurons. Over the past two decades, this patented microelectrdoe array technology has undergone numerous refinements and repeated validations in a variety of species and preparations . This effort delivered a proven and well-documented method to obtain stable and long-term neural recordings of action potentials (spikes) and field potentials in brain and peripheral-nerve tissue. 

  • Excellent chronic (long-term) and acute (short-term) stability
  • Small to large subjects (humans, monkeys, birds, rodents, felines, fish)
  • Slice and cell culture preparations 
  • Compatible with monopolar and bipolar stimulation paradigms
Motor cortex    
Sensory cortex    
Spinal cord    
Peripheral nerve fibers    

High-density multichannel    
Up to 96 electrodes (various configurations)    
Customizable designs (pitch, length, hole)    
High-quality nerual recordings immediately after implantation    
Floating neural interface    
Capable of microstimulation    
Various connector options