Customizable, multi-channel, high-density, microelectrode arrays for extracellular neural recording (spikes, field potentials) and stimulation applications.


Utah Array

The Utah array has become a benchmark for multi-channel, high-density neural recordings and stimulation applications from large populations of neurons.


Microelectrode Array

Our microelectrode array (Utah Array) can be wired to various connector types. Researchers can choose a connector that is optimal for chronic (long term) or acute (short term) recordings from small to large subjects as well as from slice and cell-culture preparations.


Array Inserter

The Blackrock pneumatically-actuated inserter is a device for implanting high-density microelectrode arrays into brain and peripheral-nerve tissue. Its high-speed, momentum-impulse insertion mechanism facilitates complete array implantation with minimal tissue damage. 


Surgical Training

Surgical implantation and recording of high-channel count microelectrodes can be challenging even to experienced teams of surgeons, physiologists, and engineers. In order to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction and minimum failure rate in your experiments, we strongly encourage existing and new customers to take advantage of our surgical training.