Blackrock Microsystems is a rapidly-expanding business that has developed groundbreaking Neurophysiology research products.

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Blackrock Microsystems


In our field of pioneering technology, a collaborative approach is paramount. Many of the innovations we can offer our customers are a result of long-standing academic and commercial partnerships. Our partners include:

  • Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration
  • University of Utah
  • Stanford University
  • Brown University
  • John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Over the years we have developed close relationships with research laboratories worldwide. Within an environment of scientific cooperation, new applications have been developed which not only support major projects at each academic establishment but have spun off new products and applications in our portfolio that benefit us and the customers. If you would like to work on an innovation technology with Blackrock Microsystems or have technology that you think fits in our portfolio, please contact: