Data Acquisition

Highly configurable and easy to use data acquisition system.

NeuroPort - Human

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The NeuroPort System is a sophisticated multichannel system for recording and analyzing human brain and peripheral-nerve electrical activity from up to 256 electrodes. The system captures, processes, and analyzes (in real time) action potentials (spikes), field potentials, and other physiological signals as well as experiment state events. The front-end is compatible with individual stiff-wire electrodes, microelectrode and microwire arrays, planar silicon probes, subdural ECoG grids, and epidural and scalp EEG electrodes. Flexible I/O options facilitate interfacing to 3rd-party equipment such as behavior, stimulus, and video systems.

  • Scalable from 8 to 256 channels
  • Compatible with traditional surface electrodes, ECoG grids, and all penetrating electrodes
  • All the functionality of traditional EEG, plus enhanced features for high impedance electrodes
Parkinson's Disease    
Traumatic Brain Injury